I really regret doing that.

Perry is sleeping in his bedroom.

My hair is clumsily cut.

Kelly carries the news department.


He held her down in the tub until she drowned.

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Vincenzo will be driving my car.

Two minds are better than one.

On hearing this, he turned pale.


Don't you think we ought to wait?


I wonder how Maureen was able to fool everybody for so long.

Is Dylan afraid to be alone?

I used to hang out in this park as a teenager.

My mother made me a cute skirt.

He's kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I like him.

The meeting gave her extreme pleasure.

Floyd reached for a towel.

I've heard worse.

Is the museum of art around here?

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Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort.

Her only interest is the accumulation of money.

The car is grey.


He is the very man that we've been looking for.

Arnold never drinks except on special occasions.

Usually the id and name attributes have the same value applied. (N.B. Not because it matters if they differ but just as a matter of convenience.)


It might sound crazy, but I think I'm still in love with Philip.

Most of Donald's friends know that he's a recovering alcoholic.

I found it easy to speak English.

It is fun to speak in English.

I think Willie should stay.


That's him.

There are no quick fixes.

Did you bring the book?


Who gave you that package?

I asked them to come.

He got a bad reputation.

How high is that building?

I didn't get that.

The experiment failed in the initial stages.

My grandfather goes for a walk on fine days.

They ascribed the accident to the bad weather.

Mehrdad's fitness has improved markedly under his new coach.

Guido always studies for two hours a day.

This is risky and dangerous.

Don't you hear that?

You have to help.

I really want to talk to them.

Srivatsan has a bicycle.

Didn't you hear the voice in the next room?

Gene couldn't remember what he had done.

She was stranded in the city.

That's really sweet.

I've never cared about such things.

Irvin doesn't have a ticket yet.


I didn't know I was going to have to introduce the main speaker.

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I'll talk to him alone.

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I wrote it myself.

Jay went to the YMCA.

Well done, my friends.

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I thought Saiid might enjoy that movie.

It sure is convenient.

Rahul got mercury poisoning from eating canned tuna every day.

What happened to the Sphinx's nose?

The couple wants to purchase a home.

Please join me in a moment of silence for the dead.

They relaxed.

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I couldn't understand his ideas.


Kee loves us.


Why don't you go to a bank?


Annard didn't want to interrupt Ninja while she was studying.


I saw Meeks blush.

Hughes doesn't know the boy talking to Bobby.

We're not sure why Harris isn't here today.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.

You look pretty in pink.


As I was taking leave of my friend, he said he would be glad to see me again before long.

Modularity begets maintainability.

No one but me is allowed to do that!

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They hung on his every word.


I really want him near me.

Hey, thanks a lot.

Girls have a lot more pressure than guys to look good.


Don't forget Rafael.

You need to immerse yourself into their culture to master their language.

I don't think there's much to worry about.

He filled the glass with wine.

I don't have an opportunity to get a new car.

Do you understand what you have to do?

Buying such an expensive car is out of the question.

He has a weak will.

You'd do the same for me.

I'm an animal.

You were very kind to us.

I don't like the beach.

Liber felt lightheaded.


He stopped smoking for his health.

It's surprising to know that your school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:30.

While you're busy looking for the perfect person, you may have missed the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.


We will call you when your package arrives.

Do you like tortellini?

The valley was dotted with farm houses.

I might seem strong, but in actuality I am anything but.

Jeffery doesn't know his birthdate.

Excuse me. I must use the powder room.

You may leave whenever you want.


He is so honest that everybody trusts him.

Jackson seemed to get better.

They were trying to kill you.

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Time is running short now.


The girl cried out for help.

Sekar forgot to tell me what time the concert begins.

I knew it.

We work for them.

Sergeant looked underneath the table.

I have made several pen pals there.

Sharada doesn't need to worry about Carsten.

Delete his name from the list.

The chances are that she'll quit her job.

The ground floor was flooded.

The glass crashed to the ground.

Grab him! Don't let him get away.

We must be absolutely sure.


Dan, the son of a poor man, dreamed of a university education.


Shika are verses and 31-syllable poems.

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I didn't know who to give it to.

Please tell me exactly what you did.

SCOTT Inc.'s stocks are blue chip stocks.

For the first time in more than 6 years, the unemployment rate is below 6%.

Can you believe this?

Alan doesn't need to know where Venkata is going.

You and I have unfinished business.

As I was eating lunch, Kichiya came to me and, while she was serving my meal, she was toying happily with her ring set with a gleaming jewel.

I shook one.

I swear I'll make it up to you.

I know that Gunnar likes classical music.

You get more beautiful every year.

It may have sounded like a suggestion, but it was an order.

The seeds of that tree are yellow.

You knew this would happen, didn't you?

Tell me how it happened.

You've got to apologize.

Mr. Murray is challenging the call on the right far service line. The ball was called out.

Milner has a reputation of never letting anyone else say anything.

How badly they ski!

Les stood in front of Juliane.

Carl got his hearing tested.

Be home before dark.

We've been trying to avoid that problem.

What makes you so sure of that?

I just gave Roxanne 30 dollars.

I wish I hadn't believed her.


Jerry decided to major in French.


I have to give a class tomorrow at 2:30.

Who marries my daughter will become my son-in-law.

He suffers from chronic overestimation of himself. Wherever he goes, he thinks no one can hold a candle to him.

Guillermo was the catcher.

He makes me work more than ten hours each day.

Was it hard for you to get in touch with Dick?

The water was so murky that the police divers had to search for the body by feel.


May I turn off the light?

Many people work in industrial towns.

I just couldn't stay away.


I'd rather skip school and play video games.

Do you love the sea?

We're not allowed to do that anymore.

I would rather die than do such a thing.

Don't you lie to me.