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We manufacture high quality state of the art Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment, Accessories and Supplies. We are constantly developing new technology in the field of Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Check out our products section for information on Demagnetizers, Gaussmeters, Black Lights, Field Indicators and an array of other NDT, MPI, MT and PT testing equipment and supplies.

We remanufacture and repair Magnaflux, Gould-Bass, Ardrox and MagnaTech MPI machines. Check our equipment section for a current list of used and remanufactured inventory.

Catalog Last Updated: 12/31/1600. Download from Documents Section
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Lakeshore Model 410 Gaussmeter, Soft Case & Transv
Helmholtz Coils & Power Supplies
Black Lights & Parts 400 Watt UV lamp for UB400 Series (09-01-01)
400 Watt UV lamp for UB400 Series

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