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Rebala Nutri Foodee

At Rebala Nutri Foodee, we do sourcing raw materials, conditioning the raw materials , processing them, manufacturing the state of the art facility, and packing in a hygienic environment .

Raw Material Sourcing

Rebala Nutri Foodee Company is Indian owned and operated, so we sincerely understand the values and significance of supporting business and suppliers. Localisation of raw material supply can be seen throughout our operation.

Advanced Machinaries

At Rebala Nutri Foodee we use latest and advanced machinaries for Manufacture, Production, packing, drying, grinding and all kind of food processing needs.

Good Infrastructure

We ensure that all our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest level of quality, safety, and hygiene standards during the manufacturing process, as well as the supply chain.

Products currently produced by us

Currenty at Rebala Nutri Foodee, We produce Corn Based Products, Breakfast Cereals and Center Filled Snacks In healthy and hygenic way.

Corn Based Products

Cheese Balls, Rings (Like yellow diamond product), sticks, curls and other possible shapes with different flavors, as per the customer requirements.

Breakfast cereals

Now we are producing Ragi based choco crunch & Jowar Based vanilla crunch, Corn Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Muesli. You can have these products with hot milk or you can consume directly as regular snacks.

Center filled Snacks

We have developed center filled snacks, without Maida. The outer shell contains either Ragi, Or Jowar Or Multi grain and filled with either Strawberry Or Chocolate Or Vanila & Orange Cream inside.

Our Customers