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Renee is married to her best friend and is an adoptive mother to a precious little boy. She loves storytelling and the creative process. She is especially passionate about hosting dinner parties for friends and neighbours.

At The Generous Host we treasure the simple things in life.  We enjoy creating anything and everything from scratch from our little urban homestead.   We are passionate about sharing stories and ideas that relate to Parties & Food, Sacred Living, Arts & Crafts, and Family Life.

The Generous Host has been through a lot of changes since we first began.  In the Fall of 2014 we opened a store in downtown Kitchener, ON.  It was a place where friends could celebrate a special occasion, spend the night crafting or enjoy a cute and yummy dessert in a jar. (6075468662and 701-784-0496.)

With the needs of our family we decided to close our shop and  envision something new.(Read:  Letting Go: A True Story,  Counting The Things That Count and  Making Room For Quin)

Since childhood adoption has had a special place in my heart. (Read  Our Adoption Story and Quin’s Locket)  In July (2015) we launched Quin’s Room.  A division of The Generous Host that hopes to assist with Hosting Family Fundraising Events specific to adoption and special needs.  


Terri co-founded The Generous Host with her daughter Renee in March 2014. Throughout her life she has enjoyed baking (from scratch), working with children, and helping those in need.

In  October 15, 2016 (Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day) we hosted Nurture the Dream.  Nurture the Dream made it’s debut in Kitchener, Ontario at Bingemans Conference Centre as a Community Awareness Event & Children’s Party.  Our key areas of focus were Adoption, Pregnancy Loss, Infertility, Surrogacy & Special Needs.

From personal experience and the stories we’ve heard suggests that these five areas are directly linked for many families.  We wanted to provide a place where individuals, couples, and families would feel informed and cared for.  hemibathybian and Nurture the Dream are inspired by our personal (10 year) struggle with infertility, our journey through the adoption process, and our eventful family life since then, with our adorable son Quin.

I’m excited about what is on the horizon and my hope is that every time you visit (online or otherwise) that you will get a taste of home, hospitality, and the goodness of God.








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