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Fire Retardant Spray is a new, water-based fire proofing spray that has been developed by a leading UK fire retardancy research establishment. A wide range of fabrics and materials can be treated, can also be used on any water absorbent material.

It has a non-toxic; formula so no specialist equipment is required for application. (However we do recommend treatment in a well-ventilated area.) Before starting treatment, the article or material should be clean and dry.

Begin the treatment by applying a fine mist of Fire Retardant Spray to both surfaces. There is no need to soak. Fire Retardant Fabric Spray is colourless and odourless;

Once the treated article has dried it is practically unnoticeable and immediately ready for use. Fire Retardant Fabric Spray is supplied ready for use, no need dilute any further. The product is available either in 750ml spray containers, or 5 litre refill bottles.

For commercial use, Fire Retardant Fabric Spray is also available in 25 litre drums. Fire Retardant Fabric Spray is very economical.

Approx Coverage = 1 litre covers between 10-12mtr sq

Conforms to BS5852 & BS5867

Fire Retardant Fabric Spray has passed BS5852: 1990 for both natural and synthetics such as polyester and draylon. Fire Retardant Fabric Spray passes BS 5867: part 2: 1980 on both natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fabrics include cotton; wool and cotton backed draylon. Synthetics include nylon and mixed fibres such as cotton/polyester.

What Can Fire Retardant Fabric Spray Treat?

Fire retardant fabric spray has been tested to effectively work many natural and synthetic materials including;
  • Cardboard
  • Untreated Wood
  • Polystyrene
  • Hessian
  • Jute
  • Rubber
  • Fabrics
  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Exhibition Drapes

Can Fire Retardant Fabric Spray Treat All Fabrics?

Fire retardant fabric spray can treat many natural fabrics including; cotton, wool and cotton back draylon. Synthetic fabrics include nylon and mixed fibres such as cotton/polyester.
However, as new fabrics are frequently introduced into the market place we recommend testing a small sample or inconspicuous area of the fabric before a full treatment is applied. Fire retardant fabric spray can also be used to fire proof scenic flats before painting or alternatively when using powder or concentrated scenic paints use Fire Retardant Fabric Spray to dilute instead of water.

Is There Anything Fire Retardant Fabric Spray Will Not Treat?

Fire retardant fabric spray will not treat waxed cardboard, plastics, waterproofed fabrics and painted or varnished services. However a range of products are available which may be able to solve the problem so please contact us for advice.

Do I need to retreat at regular intervals?

The treatment lasts for the useful life of the article or material treated. Re-treatment is recommended if the treated fabric or article gets wet in any way

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